The complete list of GB books purchased in 2014

The complete list of English language books purchased in 2014:


ALLENDE Isabel Maya’s notebook
ATKINSON Kate Life after life 2013 Costa Winner
BAKER KLINE Christina Orphan train
CAIN Matt Shot through the heart
COPLIN Amanda Orchardist
DANTICAT Edwidge Claire of the sea light
DIAMOND Lucy One night in Italy
DILLON Lucy Hundred pieces of me
FINCH Tim House of Journalists
FOWLER Karen Joy We are all completely beside ourselves 2014 WINNER Pen/Faulkner Award
GIFFORD Elisabeth Secrets of the sea house
GILBERT Elizabeth Signature of all things 2014 Finalist Bailey’s Prize for fiction
GRAVER Elizabeth End of the point
HANNAH Kristen Fly away
HENRY Veronica Sea change Quick Read
INGELMAN-SUNDBERG Catharina Little old lade who broke all the rules
KING Shari Taking Hollywood
LEY Rosana Return to Mandalay
MCBRIDE Eimer A girl is a half-formed thing 2014 WINNER Bailey Prize2014 WINNER Goldsmith Prize
MENDELSON Charlotte Almost English 2014 Finalist Bailey Prize2013 Finalist Booker Prize
MORIARTY Liane What Alice forgot
PICOULT Jodi Storyteller
RAY Kalyan No country
REDDING Heather Stealing Venice
REES Joanna Key to it all
SHREVE Anita Lives of Stella Bain
SIMSION Graeme Rosie project
SITTENFELD Curtis Sisterland
STROUT Elizabeth Burgess boys 2014 Finalist Bailey Prize
THOMAS Jo Oyster catcher
THOMSON James Whitfield Lies you wanted to hear
THOMSON Rupert Secrecy
TOWNSEND Sue Woman who went to bed for a year
WATERS Sarah Paying guests
WATSON Mark Knot
WILLIAMS John Stoner
WOLITZER Meg Interestings



BEAR Greg Cryptum 1 Forerunner Saga
BEAR Greg Primordium 2 Forerunner Saga
GAIMAN Neil Ocean at the end of the lane
SHANNON Samantha Bone Season
SLOAN Robin Mr Penumbra’s 24-hour bookstore
WEIR Andy Martian



COELHO Paulo Manuscript found in Accra
KIDD Sue Monk Invention of wings
TAN Amy Valley of amazement



ARLIDGE M J Eeny Meeny DI Helen Grace 1
ARLIDGE M J Pop goes the weasel DI Helen Grace 2
ARMSTRONG Kelley Omens Cainsville 1
BARR Emily Blackout Quick Read
BARRY Max Lexicon
BAUER Belinda Rubbernecker
CAREY M R Girl with all the gifts
CLARK Marcia Guilt by degrees Rachel Knight series
DOUGHTY Louise Apple tree yard
GALBRAITH Robert Cuckoo’s calling
GARDINER M G Shadow tracer
GARDNER Lisa Touch & go
GIMENEZ Mark Con law 1st John Boolman
HARRIS Robert Officer and a spy
HAYES Terry I am Pilgrim
ILES Greg Quiet game 1st Pen Cage
KENT Hannah Burial rites 2014 Finalist Bailey Prize
KUZNESKI Chris Hunters Hunters 1
KUZNESKI Chris Forbidden tomb Hunters 2
MILLER Derek B Norwegian by night
MORIARITY Liane Little lies
REICHS Kathy Bones of the lost Temperance Brennan
WALTERS Minette Dreadful murder Quick read



MUNRO Alice Dear life 2013 Nobel prize



ADICHIE Chimamanda Ngozi Americannah
HOSSEINI Khaled And the mountains echoed



BERGER Jonah Contagious: how to build word of mouth
DOBELLI Rolf Art of thinking clearly
DUHIGG Charles Power of habit
GLADWELL Malcolm David & Goliath: underdogs, misfits & the art of battling giants
KAMENETZKY Lizzie Great British bake-off Christmas
PERLMUTTER, David Grain brain



GAIMAN NEIL Graveyard book 1 Graveyard book 1
GAIMAN NEIL Graveyard book 2 Graveyard book 2
KAWAHARA Reki Fairy dance vol 1 Sword art online
REMENDER Rick Black science Vol 1: How to fall forever
WARE Chris Building stories



BROWN Peter Mr Tiger goes wild
GREENWELL, Jessica Wipe clean dot-to-dot
GREENWELL, Jessica Wipe clean mazes
JEFFERS Oliver Day the crayons quit
PELHAM David Sam’s sandwich


91 Books purchased for the English Collection       1 January – 31 December 2014


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GB books = 1 each of SF, SC, MULT, and CRIM

GB SC MUN = MUNRO, Alice – Dear Life

Alice Munro won the 2013 Nobel Prize.   “Deep and surprising and unsparing” Guardian; “Another dazzling collection” Observer; “As rich and astonishing as anything she has ever done before” New York Review of Books

GB SF GAI = GAIMAN Neil – Ocean at the end of the lane

Both a pitch-perfect fantasy and a moving examination of childhood memories and their effects on our adult selves…superb” The Times; “Lyrical, scary and beautiful… a fantasy rooted in the darkest corners of reality” Independent on Sunday


A medical thriller.  During a revolutionary operation, a bomb has been discovered in the hospital.  Police and hospital security work against time to prevent disaster.

GB MULT HOS = HOSSEINI Khaled – And the mountains echoed

The latest by the author of The Kite Runner. “A story of love, separation, friendship, compassion, exile, memory, and the troubled history of Afghanistan, spanning three continents and sixty years…Hosseini is a master storyteller” The Times





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voyage : de nouvelles destinations


De nouvelles destinations sont disponibles


Le Brésil, la Guyane, la Martinique, l’Indonésie, La Nouvelle-Zélande, L’ Afrique du Sud…



Villes de Bruxelles et Berlin

berlin_ct_2012 bruxelles-2011-

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Ethnicity, culture, country – Multicultural Fiction

Books that have a story that is influenced by the country in which they are set….  The ethnicity or culture of the main characters helps define the reason for the story….. Multicultural Fiction is a difficult genre for which to provide a single definition. Books in this category serve to transport the reader to another place.  In addition the story might be historical, a mystery, a romance, etc. but the reason that the story works is because of the setting or characters.

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese is set in Ethiopia, beginning in the 1940s.  It envelops the reader in the history of the country, the politics of Haile Selassie, the deprivation of the hospitals, and the remnants of the Italian society that ruled the country.  While this book has been on the library shelve for a while now, it remains a powerful read and one not to be missed.

Newly arrived Multicultural Fiction:

Naomi BENARON Running the Rift – A Rwandan runner dreams of being in the Olympics but he is a Tutsi. When the president is assassinated, he must flee for his life. “Audacious and compelling”-Washington Post.

Aminatta FORNAThe Memory of Love – Sierra Leone, before and after civil war… Winner of the Commonwealth Writer’s Prize for Best Book – – – Orange Prize Shortlist 2011

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