Crime novels and thrillers generally come in a series

Crime novelists tend to create a character that populates a series of novels.  Along with classics – think  Ian Fleming and Agatha Christie – the EBC tries to provide its readers with current sleuths and detectives.

New in the collection is the Hunter series by Chris Kuzneski.

Hunters  Book 1 – The hunters

Forbidden Tomb  Book 2 – The forbidden Tomb


Continuing with the D I Helen Grace series by M J Arlidge is

Pop goes the weasel  Pop goes the weasel


Omens Omens is a stand alone novel, but also the first in a new series by  Kelley Armstrong.  Watch for more on Cainsville.

The following are the crime novels and thrillers that have been added to the EBC since late 2010.  Come and view the shelves – – maybe find a new favourite?

ARLIDGE M J Eeny Meeny DI Helen Grace 1
ARLIDGE M J Pop goes the weasel DI Helen Grace 2
ARMSTRONG Kelley Omens Cainsville 1
ATKINSON Kate Started early, took my dog
BALDACCI David Innocent
BARCLAY Linwood Trust your eyes
BARR Emily Blackout Quick Read
BARR Emily Stranded
BARR Emily Sleeper
BARRY Kevin City of Bohane IMPAC Winner 2013
BARRY Max Lexicon
BAUER Belinda Rubbernecker
BINGHAM Harry Talking to the dead
BOYD William Waiting for sunrise
BRADLEY Alan Sweetness at the bottom of the pie Book 1Agatha Winner 2009 (1st novel)

Anthony Winner 2010 (1st novel)

BRADLEY Alan Weed that strings the hangman’s bag Book 2
BRADLEY Alan Red herring w/o mustard Book 3
CAREY M R Girl with all the gifts
CHILD Lee 61 Hours Theakston Winner 2011
CLARK Marcia Guilt by association 1 Rachel Knight series
CLARK Marcia Guilt by degrees 2 Rachel Knight series
CLEEVES Ann Raven black 1 of Shetland Quartet
CLEEVES Ann White nights 2 of Shetland Quartet
CLEEVES Ann Red bones 3 of Shetland Quartet
CLEEVES Ann Blue lightning 4 of Shetland Quartet
COTTERILL Colin Killed at the whim of a hat 1st in new series
CRAIS Robert Suspect
CUMMING Charles Foreign country Steel Dagger Winner 2012Theakston Finalist 2013
DOUGHTY Louise Apple tree yard
DUNN Carola To Davy Jones below
DUNN Carola Styx and stones
DUNN Carola Murder on the flying Scotsman
ECO Umberto Prague cemetary
EISLER Barry Detachment John Rain series
ELKINS Aaron Worst thing
ELLORY R J Anniversary man
ELLORY R J Simple act of violence Theakston Winner 2010
EWAN Chris Safe house Theakston Finalist 2013
EWAN Chris Good thief’s guide to Venice
FINDER Joseph Vanished Nick Heller 1
FINDER Joseph Buried secrets Nick Heller 2
FLANERY Patrick Absolution Spears 1st book Winner 2013Ondaatje Finalist 2013

Desmond Elliott Finalist 2012

FLINT Shamini Deadly Cambodian crime spree Inspector Singh 4
FLINT Shamini Curious Indian cadaver Inspector Singh 5
FLYNN Gillian Gone girl Edgar Finalist 2013Shirley Jackson finalist 2013

Women’s Prize for Fiction Finalist 2013

FRANKLIN Tom Crooked letter, crooked letter Gold Dagger Winner 2011
FREVELETTI Jamie Running from the devil
GALBRAITH Robert Cuckoo’s calling
GARDINER M G Shadow tracer
GARDNER Lisa Love you more D D Warren series
GARDNER Lisa Catch me D D Warren series
GARDNER Lisa Touch & go
GIMENEZ Mark Con law 1st John Boolman
GODDARD Robert Fault line
GRINDLE Lucretia Lost daughter
GRINDLE Lucretia Villa triste
GUDENKAUF Heather One breath away
HAMILTON Steve Lock artist Edgar Winner 2011Steel Dagger Winner 2011
HARRIS Robert Officer and a spy
HAYES Terry I am Pilgrim
HAYNES Elizabeth Into the darkest corner
HAYNES Elizabeth Revenge of the tide
HENRY Sara Learning to swim 1st in Troy Chance seriesAgatha Winner 2011 (1st novel)

Anthony winner 2012 (1st novel)

HEWSON David Blue Demon Nic Costa 8
HEWSON David Fallen angel Nic Costa 9
HEWSON David Carnival for the dead Nic Costa 10
HIAASEN, CARL Star island
HIGASHINO Keigo Devotion of suspect X
IGGULDEN Conn Quantum of tweed Quick Reads
ILES Greg Quiet game 1st Pen Cage
KENT Hannah Burial rites 2014 Finalist Bailey Prize
KEPLER Lars Hypnotist
KERRIGAN Gene Rage CWA Crime Winner 2012Gold Dagger Winner 2012
KOCH Herman Dinner
KUZNESKI Chris Hunters Hunters 1
KUZNESKI Chris Forbidden tomb Hunters 2
LAPLANTE Alice Turn of the mind
LEHANE Dennis Live by night Edgar Winner 2013
LOCKE Attica Cutting season
MAITLAND Karen The owl killers Shirley Jackson Finalist 2009
MARWOOD Alex Wicked girls
MAWER Simon Girl who fell from the sky
MAY Peter Blackhouse Bk 1 Lewis Trilogy
MAY Peter Lewis man Bk 2 Lewis TrilogyTheakston Finalist 2013
McEWAN Ian Sweet tooth
McKENZIE Sophie Close my eyes
MILLER Derek B Norwegian by night
MINA Denise Midnight Alex Morrow #1
MINA Denise End of wasp season Alex Morrow #2Theakston Winner 2012
MINA Denise Gods and beasts Alex Morrow 3Theakston Winner 2013
MORIARITY Liane Husband’s secret
MORIARITY Liane Little lies
MOSBY Steve Black flowers Theakston Finalist 2012
NESBO Jo Bat 1st Harry Hole series
NESBO Jo Headhunters
NUNN Malla A beautiful place to die
PARETSKY Sara Hardball
PATTERSON James Guily wives
PAVONNE Chris Expats Anthony Winner 2013 (1st novel)Edgar Winner 2013 (1st novel)
PENNY Louise Beautiful mystery 8th in seriesAgatha Winner 2012

Anthony Winner 2013

PENNY Louise Trick of the light 7th in seriesAnthony Winner 2012
PENNY Louise Bury your dead 6th in seriesAgatha Winner 2010

Anthony Award Winner 2011

Arthur Ellis Winner 2011

PENNY Louise Brutal telling 5th in seriesAgatha Winner 2009

Anthony Winner 2010

PENNY Louise Murder stone 4th in series
PENNY Louise Cruelest month 3rd   in seriesAgatha Winner 2008
REICHS Kathy Flash and bones Temperance Brennan
REICHS Kathy Bones are forever Temperance Brennan
REICHS Kathy Bones of the lost Temperance Brennan
RIGGS Ransom Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children
ROBB JD Fantasy in death In Death series 30
ROBB JD Indulgence in death In Death series 31
ROBB JD Treachery in death In Death series 32
ROBB JD New York to Dallas In Death series 33
RUSSELL Leigh Road closed
RUSSELL Leigh Cut short
SEPETYS Ruta Out of the easy
SILVA Daniel Defector 1 Gabriel Allon
SILVA Daniel Rembrandt affair 2 Gabriel Allon
SILVA Daniel Portrait of a spy 3 Gabriel Allon
STOTT Rebecca Coral thief
SUAREZ Daniel Daemon
TITMARSH Alan Haunting
WALTERS Minette Dreadful murder Quick read
WATERS Sarah Little stranger Shirley Jackson Finalist 2009IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2011
WATSON S J Before I go to sleep Theakston Finalist 2012Desmond Elliott Finalist 2012
WEAVER Tim Never coming back
WOLFE Tom Back to blood
ZADOFF Allen Boy nobody


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