The German collection has been refreshed

More new books in German.  All are available now at the ESTEC library.

DE FIC GRI            Touch down by John Grisham

DE FIC KLU           Amanda lebenslang by Norbert Klugman

DE FIC MAZ          Mein leben als pinguin by Katarina Mazetti

DE FIC REG           Neue vahr sud by Sven Regener

DE FIC REI            Durch den wind by Annika Reich

DE FIC SAV           Firmin by Sam Savage

DE FIC SIE            In Meinem himmel by Alice Sebold

DE FIC VER           Bingo! By Sandro Veronsi

DE 910 THI           Ein jahr in der Toskana by Andrea Thiele

DE 910 UKE          Ein jahr in der Paris by Silja Ukena

And keep in mind that if you wish to read Goethe or Brecht in their original languages, those too are available.

The book club is open M T Th F from 13:00 – 13:30.  On W 13:15 – 13:45.

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