New GB books this week

Yesterday was the first official day of spring, the Keukenhof opens today, the birds are collecting bits for their nests, and the sun is shining – – – it must be almost time to find a spot in the garden or on the deck to ensconce yourself with a really great read.

New to the English book collection this week:


GARDNER, Lisa.  Catch me. Featuring the homicide detective DD Warren.  “Charlie Grant’s two childhood friends have been murdered.  Same day.  same time. Exactly one year apart.  Now Charlie, as the lone survivor, believes that at 8pm on 21st January, she will be next.”  [summary from the book jacket]

BOYD, William. Waiting for sunrise. “A truly gripping, hugely atmospheric spy thriller” [Daily Mirror]. “A tantalizing, fast-paced spy novel…A brainteaser, charged with uncertainty and danger, electric with restraint” [New York Times]

Historical Fiction

STACHNIAK, Eva. Winter palace.The story of Catherine the Great’s ruthless rise to power, seen through the eyes of a young girl groomed as the Empress’s spy in eigthteenth century Russia. ” [summary from the book jacket]


BRUNT, Carol Rifka. Tell the wolves I’m home. “Brunt’s debut novel is both a painful reminder of the ill-informed responses to a once little-known disease and a delightful romp through an earlier decade.” [Library Journal].  “Brunt’s transcendent debut is an exploration of an unlikely friendship that blossoms in the wake of a terrible loss….Peopled by characters who will live in reader’s imaginations long after the final page is turned, Brunt’s novel is a beautifully bittersweet mix of heartbreak and hope” [Booklist].

CLEAVE, Chris. Gold. “Kate and Zoe are friends but also ardent rivals – athletes at the top of their game, fighting to compete in the world’s greatest sporting contest. Each is scarred by tragedy, and each with a great deal to lose, they must choose between family and glory and ask themselves: what will I sacrifice?” [summary from the book jacket]

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