February by Lisa Moore – Canada Reads winner 2013

Lisa Moore’s novel February has won the annual Canada Reads book debate.  It is the fictionalized story of a woman from Newfoundland who struggles to raise a family after the death of her husband in the Ocean Ranger disaster*.

February was announced as the winning novel on the eve of the 15 Feb 1982 disaster. When Lisa Moore, a resident of St John’s Newfoundland, was interviewed about her win she said, “I woke up this morning and my pillow was wet with tears because today is the anniversary of the sinking of the Ocean Ranger… it’s still a very much a live thing in Newfoundland, people are going to memorials and talking about it today.”

Canada Reads is an annual event that was begun in 2001. Well-known Canadians choose and promote a particular title. Themes vary from year to year.  In 2013 five fiction novels from different regions of the country were summarized, discussed and debated by a panel, and defended by the Canadian personality that nominated the book. One book was eliminated by public vote after each evening’s discussion.

Lisa Moore’s novel February is in the ESTEC library collection.

*The Ocean Ranger was a drilling platform that capsized in a blizzard on 15 Feb 1982, killing the 84 people on board.

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