CRIM on the spine

Crime, mysteries, thrillers –  If you love this genre then there are many reasons for you to visit the library.  Labeled CRIM on the spine, it’s easy to find on the shelves.  Mystery stories can be stand alone books, but often authors will develop a character over a series of books. New on the library shelves:

Daniel SILVAThe Defector, The Rembrandt Affair, Portrait of a Spy – 3 books in the Gabriel Allon series

David BALDACCIThe Innocent – An assassin with a mission

Chris PAVONEThe Expats – Playdates, coffee mornings, weekends away; a suspicious past and looking over her shoulder

Keigo HIGASHINOThe Devotion of Suspect X – “The Japanese Steig Larsson”

Sara HENRYLearning to Swim – 1st of a series – A child is rescued after a fall from a ferry and no one reports him missing

Ransom RIGGSMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Mysterious island, abandoned orphanage, unusual children

Emily BARRStranded – A day trip to an uninhabited island but why has the boat not returned?

Alan TITMARSHThe Haunting – How can a drowning and a disappearance in 1816 have an effect 2 centuries later?

Heather GUDENKAUFOne Breath Away – “One school, One gunman”

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