Biographies with a soundtrack

The music industry is huge.  TV shows, weddings, political campaigns, etc all make use of tracks to highlight a message or theme. Radio channels that focus on a particular decade or type of music (jazz, easy listening, rock, etc) are popular.   The Baby Boom generation has gone from listening to music on Hi-Fi’s, stereos, 8 tack cassettes, cassette tapes, mini-discs, CD’s, DVD, etc to a plethora of personal devices that allow our favourites to be available whenever/wherever. Music has the ability to transport the listener and the same can be said of books.

Recently published biographies of musicians that are now available in the ESTEC Leisure Library include:

NEW in November 2012:

BRUCE by Peter Ames Carlin [Bruce Springsteen]

I’M YOUR MAN by Sylvie Simmons [Leonard Cohen]

WAGING HEAVY PEACE by Neil Young [Neil Young]


LIFE by Keith Richards [Keith Richards]




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