Graphic Novels in the English Collection

Graphic novels are a popular form of narration.  The story is conveyed through a series of drawn panels, rather like comic books, but having the length of a novel.  The graphic format adds a richness to the story being told.

The term Graphic Novel also refers to works of non-fiction, Manga, and collected anthologies of stories such as The Adventures of Tin Tin or Asterix.

New in the English Graphic Novel collection:

The Fixer: a story from Sarajevo by Joe Sacco – Non-fiction – A story of the warlords and gangsters who ran Bosnia during the Balkan conflict.

The Nao of Brown by Glyn Dillon – Fiction – Nao is struggling to launch her career as an  illustrator.   To quiet her mind she meditates, with the results showing her that the world is not always black & white.  For information from the author see:

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