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Peter Terrin wins Ako literature prize

Post Portem by the Flemish novelist Peter Terrin is the winner of this year’s Ako literature prize, which includes a cheque for €50,000.

According to Terrin, the book is about the love for writing and for a child. The Hague mayor Jozias van Aartsen, who presented the prize, said it is ‘a magisterial reflection of literature’.

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Mo Yan prix Nobel de littérature 2012

Le maître a de plus en plus d'humour

Âgé de 57 ans, il est né Guan Moye, en 1955 au sein d’une famille paysanne de la province de Shandong, au sud de Pékin. Sa famille connaît la faim durant le grand bond en avant. Le pseudonyme qu’il s’est donné signifie “celui qui ne parle pas”. Une réserve qui lui a sans doute été bénéfique alors qu’il a fait toute sa carrière dans l’armée chinoise, avant d’en démissionner quand sa réputation fut bien assise. D’autres écrivains chinois l’ont récemment critiqué pour son manque de soutien aux auteurs dissidents.

A venir découvrir au Club…

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Award Winners and Finalists@ the ESTEC Library


BARNES Julian. Sense of an Ending – Booker Winner 2011

MANTEL Hilary. Wolf Hall – Booker Winner 2009

MILLER Madeline. Song of Achilles – Orange Winner 2012

OBREHT Tea. Tiger’s wife – Orange Prize Winner 2011

KINGSOLVER Barbara. Lacuna – Orange Prize Winner 2010

MILLER Andrew. Pure – Costa Award Winner 2011

O’FARRELL Maggie. Hand that first held mine – Costa Award Winner 2010 [FIC]

de WAAL Edmund. Hare with the amber eyes – Costa Award Winner 2010 [BIO]

SELBOURNE Raphael. Beauty – Costa Award Winner 2009

BARRY Sebastien. Secret scripture – Costa Award Winner 2008

MUKHERJEE Siddhartha. Emperor of all maladies – Pulitzer Winner 2011

CHILD Lee. 61 Hours – Theakston Crime Winner 2011

ELLORY R J. Simple act of violence – Theakston Crime Winner 2010

WILLIS Connie. Blackout – Nebula Award Winner 2011

BACIGALUPI Paolo. Windup girl – Nebula Award Winner 2009

WILLIS Connie. Blackout – Hugo Award Winner 2011

BACIGALUPI Paolo. Windup girl – Hugo Award Winner 2010

SKIBSRUD Johanna. Sentimentalist – Giller Winner 2011

FORD Jamie. Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet – Asian/Pacific Winner 2009


LEVY Deborah. Swimming home – Booker Shortlist 2012

MOORE Alison. Lighthouse – Booker Finalist 2012

BIRCH Carol. Jemrach’s menagerie – Booker Shortlist 2011

DEWITT Patrick. Sisters Brothers – Booker Shortlist 2011

MILLER A D. Snowdrops – Booker Shortlist 2011

DONOGHUE Emma. Room – Booker Finalist 2010

GALGUT Damon. In a strange room – Booker Finalist 2010

MOORE Lisa. February – Booker Finalist 2010

MURRAY Paul. Skippy dies – Booker Finalist 2010

WARNER Alan. Stars in the bright sky – Booker Finalist 2010

MITCHELL David. Thousand autumns of Jacob de Zoet – Booker Finalist 2010


ENRIGHT Anne. Forgotten waltz – Orange Prize Shortlist 2012

PATCHETT Anne. State of wonder – Orange Prize Shortlist 2012

BIRCH Carol. Jemrach’s menagerie – Orange Prize Finalist 2011

KRAUS Nicole. Great house – Orange Prize Shortlist 2011

ORRINGER Julie. Invisible bridge – Orange Prize Finalist 2011

WEISGARBER Ann. Personal history of Rachel Dupree – Orange Prize Finalist 2009

EUGENIDES Jeffrey. Marriage plot – Pulitzer Shortlist 2012

HARBACH Chad. Art of fielding – Pulitzer Shortlist 2012

PATCHETT Anne. State of wonder – Pulitzer Shortlist 2012

RUSSEL KAREN. Swamplandia! – Pulitzer Shortlist 2012

* no Pulitzer awarded in 2012*

WATSON S J. Before I go to sleep – Theakston Crime Finalist 2012

ONDAATJE Michael. Cat’s Table – Giller Finalist 2011

SEE Lisa. Shanghai girls – Asian/Pacific Finalist 2009

COLLINS Suzanne. Mockingjay – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2012

DONOGHUE Emma. Room – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2012

ERPENBECK Jenny. Visitation – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2012

FRANZEN Jonathan. Freedom – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2012

KAY Guy Gabriel. Under Heaven – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2012

KRAUS Nicole. Great house – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2012

MITCHELL David. Tthousand autumns of Jacob de Zoet – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2012

MURRAY Paul. Skippy dies – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2012

O’FARRELL Maggie. Hand that first held mine – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2012

SIMONSEN Helen. Major Pettigrew’s last stand – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2012

BAKER Nicolson.  Anthologist – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2011

DOCTOROW E.L. Homer and Langley – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2011

HORNBY Nick. Juliet naked – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2011

KINGSOLVER Barbara. Lacuna – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2011

McCANN Colum. Let the great world spin – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2011

PAMUK Orhan. Museum of innocence – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2011

RUIZ ZAFON Carlos. Angel’s game – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2011

VERGHESE Abraham. Cutting for stone – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2011

WATERS Sarah. Little stranger – IMPAC Dublin Finalist 2011

TRAPIDO Barbara. Sex and Stravinski – Commonwealth Prize Finalist 2011

MAITLAND Karen. Owl killers – Shirley Jackson Finalist 2009

WATERS Sarah. Little stranger – Shirley Jackson Finalist 2009

VALENTE Catherynne M. Palimpsest – Mythopoeic Finalist 2010






Theakston Crime





IMPAC Dublin


Shirley Jackson


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Looking for Baking Inspiration?

Paul Hollywood is the author of How to Bake, the latest addition to the cook book section of the English collection.  84 people have reviewed the book on Amazon and given it four-and-a-half stars out of a possible five.  Think you’d like to try your hand at baking?

Look for all the cook books in the Non Fiction section under 641.

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Graphic Novels in the English Collection

Graphic novels are a popular form of narration.  The story is conveyed through a series of drawn panels, rather like comic books, but having the length of a novel.  The graphic format adds a richness to the story being told.

The term Graphic Novel also refers to works of non-fiction, Manga, and collected anthologies of stories such as The Adventures of Tin Tin or Asterix.

New in the English Graphic Novel collection:

The Fixer: a story from Sarajevo by Joe Sacco – Non-fiction – A story of the warlords and gangsters who ran Bosnia during the Balkan conflict.

The Nao of Brown by Glyn Dillon – Fiction – Nao is struggling to launch her career as an  illustrator.   To quiet her mind she meditates, with the results showing her that the world is not always black & white.  For information from the author see:

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New English language donations

The library is happy to accept donations that are in good condition and current.  The following have recently been added to the collection:

Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Multicultural Fiction – Set in Nigeria.

Piano Teacher by Janice Y K Lee – Multicultural Fiction – Set in Hong Kong in the 1940s and 50s.

Pontoon: a novel of Lake Wobegon by Garrison Keilor – Fiction –  A death, a secret life, odd requests and family.

Secret Scripture by Sebastien Barry – Fiction – Costa Book Award Winner – A female inmate of a hospital is nearing her 100th birthday and a young doctor seeks her history, resulting in the revelation of a shocking secret.

Villa in Italy by Elizabeth Edmondson – Fiction – Four people are named as beneficiaries to a woman they do not know.

Luminous Life of Lilly Aphrodite by Beatrice Colin – Historical Fiction – A woman of decadent, war-torn Berlin continually reinvents herself from maid to war bride to actress.

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